An overview of the e-guma voucher system

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e-guma allows you to keep up with your voucher management.

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Log on to e-guma Backoffice with your user details You will receive these from your project manager or internal e-guma administrator when your project is executed.

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Creating users
Change password


Voucher management

In the section on managing vouchers, you will find information and savings covering every voucher on display.   

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Voucher management at a glance
Searching for a voucher
Voucher details
Editing a payment method
Deleting vouchers


Edit voucher orders

The following supporting articles will show you how to edit individual voucher orders in daily use with e-guma - depending on payment method, means of dispatch and each individually defined invoicing process.

Payment with QR-bill

Please note that the QR-bill handling via Postfinance is available only to customers from Switzerland. Customers from outside Switzerland must use an invoice with IBAN bank details. 

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Editin order - Online Payment
Editing orders - Invoice with QR-bill - Joint shipment of invoice and voucher
Editing orders - Invoices with QR-bill - Vouchers sent once the invoice is paid (Pre-payment)
Editing orders - IBAN invoice - Joint shipment of invoice and voucher
Editing orders - IBAN invoice - Vouchers sent once the invoice is paid (Pre-payment)


Sell vouchers locally

e-guma offers you various ways of quickly and easily displaying and selling vouchers in real time, all locally from your business premises. Here's where you'll find an overview of the various methods and procedures.

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Issuing vouchers locally - Overview
Issuing vouchers locally - Invoice
Issuing vouchers locally - Complimentary
Issuing vouchers locally - Individual vouchers


Stock vouchers

So-called stock vouchers enable you to create prefabricated vouchers in stock (e.g. through a printing company). Stock vouchers only then need to be activated and redeemed at the time of purchase. 

Activate stock voucher function

The stock voucher function is by default not activated. Please contact us to activate the stock voucher function. 

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An overview of stock vouchers


Redeem vouchers

Directly checking and redeeming the voucher is a central feature in the use of e-guma. To redeem vouchers, you have a choice between many variants.

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An overview of redeeming vouchers
Redeem vouchers using the e-guma Backoffice
Redeem vouchers using the WebCashbox
Redeem vouchers using the Voucher app
Cancelling a redemption


Voucher app

Using the e-guma Voucher App, you can sell and redeem vouchers easily and safely in the turn of a hand.The app is available for both android-based and iOS-based terminal devices.

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An overview of the Voucher App      



e-guma supports your bookkeeping with numerous tools and an automatic reporting system. All reports can be viewed manually anytime. 

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Sales report
Redemption report
Voucher archive
An overview of invoicing with QR-bill
An overview of invoicing with IBAN transfer



The goal of all e-guma marketing tools is to make your voucher offer a talking point. Your customers and guests should have an idea of what's in store for them — unique vouchers for their loved ones.

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An overview of the e-guma Marketing Tools


Support and training

Please contact us if you have any problems or questions or need adjustments for your voucher.You will find plenty of answers and useful tips on our support platform at

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