Voucher sales report

As vouchers that have been sold represent a liability on your balance sheet, it is important to ensure that the voucher balance can be settled at month-end or year-end. The actual voucher liability can be calculated as the accumulated value of vouchers sold less the value of voucher redemptions over time.

e-guma helps to support correct accounting practices and optimal management accounting via the Sales and Redemption Reports.

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User permissions

To ensure that you can view the Sales Report, you need the corresponding user permission. If the Accounting user permission is not activated for your account, please contact your internal e-guma administrator.

Exporting the Sales Report

You can manually view the Sales Report at any time.

In the menu of the e-guma Voucher System, select Accounting -> Sales Report.
Select the desired time period.
In the Point of Sale field, you can specify whether the Sales Report should provide a summary view of all sales locations, a view of all sales locations in groups, or list each sales location individually.

Our recommendation is that the Sales Report should be generated in the grouped view. This lists the Online Shop, local, and any additional sales locations separately.

Optionally, you can click on the Show additional filters button to apply additional filters to the sales report, namely to include or exclude complimentary vouchers, to show only a selected uer, a selected payment method, or a specific order number.
Click on the PDF or Excel button.
Open the Sales Report file that is generated.


Information in the Sales Report

Total This is the total value of vouchers sold.
Time period The Sales Report shows all voucher sales during the time period entered.
Complimentary ("on the house") This shows whether the Sales Report incorporates complimentary vouchers.
Local Sales - Verification All local points of sale feature an additional Control comment.
These voucher sales were generated directly by you in your cash register or PMS system. We recommend that perform an additional reconciliation with the report.
For this reason, we advise you to monitor these figures via the comment.
Online shop and paid invoices - Booking These voucher sales are not yet entered into your system for accounting purposes. We recommend that you perform this activity on a dailiy or weekly basis.
For this reason, we advise you to account for these figures.
Vouchers for payment against invoice are only recorded for accounting purchases once the invoice has been paid.

e-guma is set up so that orders for payment against invoice are only recorded in the accounts once payment is received. This means that e-guma will automatically make an entry in the Sales Report when the voucher is activated. You can then account for the voucher that has been sold, and the payment that has been received, on the basis of this entry.


Automatic Sending of the Report

e-guma features an automatic reporting tool. As such, e-guma sends a daily, weekly and/or monthly Sales and Redemption Report to the e-mail addresses that you specify.

You can arrange for the frequency and the e-mail addresses of the recipients to be adjusted via the e-guma Support Team.

Please contact us if you would like any changes to be made in relation to the way that reports are sent.