An overview of redeeming vouchers

As more and more print@home vouchers are being ordered, and vouchers are increasingly being added to smartphones, the value that is shown on paper vouchers is no longer definitive. Instead, the value shown in e-guma determines the value of the voucher. This means that the redemption and cancellation of any remaining value is a core aspect of the system. It prevents a voucher that has not been paid for, or which has been redeemed twice, from being redeemed. We recommend that you validate vouchers as close to the actual redemption date as possible.

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Redemption options

Get to know the various redemption options.

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Functionality relating to voucher redemption

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Cancelling redemptions
Reasons why vouchers cannot be redeemed
Redeeming unpaid vouchers
Checking a voucher balance



Learn how to redeem vouchers saved on customers' smartphones here.

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