Redeem vouchers u​sin​g the e-guma Backoffice

You can validate and redeem vouchers at any time, using any internet-capable device via the e-guma Back Office.

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Redeeming vouchers

In the menu of the e-guma Voucher System, select Vouchers -> Redeem.

Entering voucher codes

Either enter the first three characters of the 12-character code (autocomplete) or use your barcode scanner, then click on Check.

Is the voucher valid?

e-guma will now check the voucher to ensure that it is valid. If a voucher cannot be redeemed, or if it has expired, you will receive a red error notification. Learn more about the Reasons why a voucher cannot be redeemed.

Show description

You can view the description on the voucher by clicking Show description.

Redeeming vouchers retrospectively

Before a voucher is definitively redeemed, you will be shown the current balance as well as the voucher type. This screen also provides you with the option of redeeming a voucher retrospectively. To do this, click on the blue text that reads Do you want to redeem the voucher retrospectively? then select the correct date and time. This means that the voucher will not appear in today's Redemption Report, but in the Redemption Report for the appropriate day instead.

If you do not choose the current month for a retrospectively redemption, e-guma will update the relevant Voucher archive.

Vouchers for organisation or group solutions cannot be redeemed retrospectively.

Optional reference number

You may add an optional reference number. A reference number can be used, for example, to allocate redemptions to transactions in a POS system. The reference number is saved and displayed in the  redemption log and the redemption report (only in CSV format)

Please contact us if you would like to use the optional reference number field. The reference number can also be transmitted via API, however it cannot be entered in the e-guma Voucher App or in the Webcashbox

Redeeming vouchers in full or in part

All vouchers come with the option of redeeming the voucher, either in full or in part. If you do not wish to redeem the entire amount, please enter the appropriate partial amount in the Amount field. Click on Redeem. Once the amount has been redeemed successfully, a confirmation page will appear.

If you have only partially redeemed a voucher for value, you can reprint the voucher, showing the new remaining balance.

Entering redeemed vouchers in cash registers or receivables systems

Thee redeemed amount can now be entered in your cash register or receivables system as a voucher payment.

We recommend that you enter all redeemed vouchers in your cash register or receivables system so that the amounts can be transferred to your accounts. The e-guma Redemption Report is available for reconciliations. To ensure that the e-guma Redemption Report is consistent, we also recommend that you confingure an additional e-guma Vouchers payment method in your cash register system. This means that you will be able to differentiate between e-guma vouchers and existing vouchers.

Redeemed vouchers in the Redemption Report

Redeemed vouchers are automatically listed in the Redemption Report.

Redeemed vouchers in the Voucher Management Tool

Redeemed vouchers are shown in grey in the Voucher Management Tool, while partially redeemed vouchers are shown in light green.