Redeem vouchers using the V​oucher app

In this article, you'll learn how to redeem vouchers by using the VoucherApp.

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Redeeming vouchers

Launch the e-guma Voucher App and log in with your e-guma username and password. If you do not know your login details, please contact us without delay.
Scan the QR code on the voucher.
Alternatively, you can use the  Manually enter voucher code option to enter the voucher code manually if the voucher cannot be scanned. You can enter the voucher number with or without dashes.
Enter the desired amount and press the blue Redeem button. There is no need to enter a value if the entire voucher value is to be redeemed at once.
The result of the redemption and the new balance will be shown.
You can now see the redeemed voucher in the Redemption Report. Learn more.

Voucher cannot be redeemed

The e-guma Voucher App makes you aware if a voucher has already been redeemed or if the voucher has not yet been paid for, in whcih case it cannot be redeemed. It may also be the case that a voucher has already expired; however, these vouchers can still be redeemed. Learn more about the reasons why a voucher cannot be redeemed.


Cancelling redemptions

Learn how to cancel a previously redeemed voucher here.


Redeeming vouchers from the voucher2mobile app

What is voucher2mobile?

The voucher2mobile app provides the gift recipient with the ability to load their voucher onto their smartphone. This means that your customers are ready to redeem their vouchers spontaneously. Learn everything about the voucher2mobile app here.

Your customer opens the corresponding voucher in the voucher2mobile app.
Click on the CODE.
Scan the QR code with the voucher app on your mobile device.



By pressing the flashlight symbol, you can turn camera lighting on or off.


Switching camera

If the device is mounted firmly in place, the front camera can also be used to scan QR codes. To do this, click Settings in the menu and turn on the Front Camera option.


In the menu, click on Settings.


Turn on the front camera option.