Editing orders - IBAN invoice - Vouchers sent once the invoice is paid (Pre-payment)

In this article, we will explain how to process a voucher order with the payment method set to Invoice (IBAN).This article deals with the situation whereby the voucher is only sent once the customer has paid the bill.

In this article

Settings for the Invoice payment method

The way in which orders against invoice are processed depends on the point in time when vouchers are sent to the customer. You can choose between two different process variants:

  • The voucher is only sent once your customer has paid the invoice
  • The voucher is sent together with the invoice

This article deals with the option in which the voucher is only shipped once the customer has paid the bill.

This setting can be changed at any time. Please contact us if you would like us to change your configuration.


Process for the print@home shipping method


The customer orders a voucher from your voucher shop with the payment method set to "Invoice."


The customer will receive the invoice by e-mail shortly afterwards, as a PDF document. Until the invoice has been paid, the order will appear in red in the voucher management tool.


Your bank details are listed on the invoice. The customer transfers the outstanding amount to your account, providing the order number as a reference.


Once you see the payment receipt and reference on your account, you can log in to e-guma and use the Voucher Management tool to take the next step in the process, by clicking on Activate.


You can now enter the posting date for the payment, then click on OK.


You will see that the order status has now changed to green. At the same time, e-guma will automatically send a voucher with a receipt by e-mail. The voucher is now ready to redeem.


Process for the postal shipping method


Follow steps 1 to 5 as described above in the process when the shipping method is set to print@home.


You will see that the order status has now changed to orange"Send voucher."


You will automatically receive an e-mail notification from e-guma, reminding you that a voucher needs to be sent by post. In the Voucher Management tool, click on the next action for the appropriate voucher order by selecting Send. The system will now issue the voucher and a receipt as PDF documents, ready for printing.


Now confirm the printing by selecting I have downloaded the documents. The order status now changes to green. You can now ship everything by post; the voucher is ready to redeem.


Accounting for voucher orders

Voucher orders with the payment method set to "Invoice" do not appear on the sales report on the day of sale; instead, they appear on the day when the invoice is paid.

Learn more about the Sales Report here.