Issuing vouchers locally - Complimentary

In this article, we'll show you how to issue a voucher with the payment method set to "Complimentary." Vouchers that are offered "on the house" or for sponsorship are referred to as "Complimentary" vouchers.

In this article


No commission is payable through e-guma for vouchers that are issued as "Complimentary."


Isusing vouchers with the "Complimentary" payment method

Follow steps 1 to 7 as described here. All voucher types can be issued with the payment method set to "Complimentary."
Select your company's details as the customer details using the button at the top right. Then click on Continue.

Set the payment method to Complimentary and ensure that you add a note (no value can be specified for the amount of a complimentary voucher). Then click on Continue.
You will now see an overview of the order. If everything is correct, you can complete the order by clicking on Order.
You can now download the voucher as a PDF and an invoice to be printed and handed to the customer.

Characteristics of a complimentary voucher

Any voucher that is issued with the payment method set to complimentary starts with has a 12-digit voucher code that starts with an M. Complimentary vouchers can also be recognised in the Voucher management via a small house icon.