Searching for a voucher

The e-guma Voucher Search allows you to find the voucher you're looking for in a flash at any time.

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Opening vouchers

In the menu of the e-guma Voucher System, select Vouchers -> Manage and click on the blue Search button on the left-hand side.

The various criteria that you can use to search for a voucher will now appear. By clicking on the grey Search button, you can trigger the search so that only those vouchers that match all search criteria are shown.

If the search filters do not contain any criteria, all vouchers will be shown by default.


Search criteria

The following search criteria are available. There is no limit to the ways in which you can combine search criteria.

Search criteria Comments
Code You only need to enter the first three digits or letters.
Initial balance
Order number
Order date If you only complete the "From" date field, all vouchers from the specified start date onwards will be shown.
If you only complete the "To" date field, all vouchers from the specified start date onwards will be shown.
State Not send, not paid, redeemable, redeemed, fully booked
Sales location Local, internet, imported
Print print@home or locally
Voucher type
Method of payment
Customer In addition to entering the customer's name, the search also works with the customer's city, postal code, street name or e-mail address
Voucher for
Voucher from
Note (Complimentary)
Deleted vouchers


The State, Sales location, Voucher type and Method of payment search criteria allow you to explicitly include or exclude certain vouchers within the criteria from the search results by clicking on the Advanced button. To do this, click on Inclusive or Exclusive.


Showing deleted vouchers

Deleted vouchers can be shown at any time when using the voucher search. The bottom search criterion Deleted vouchers contains options to allow you to Show or Show only deleted vouchers.

You can export the deleted vouchers, together with their date and reason of deletion, as an Excel file.


Exporting search results as an Excel file

You can export the search result as an Excel file. To do this, click on the Excel icon at the top right once the search has completed. Your Excel file will then be ready to download.

Naturally, the Excel file can also be exported without running a search first, in which case all vouchers will be shown in the Excel file.

Excel export demo

Download a sample Excel report from our demo account, the Beethoven Palace here: Excel Export