Voucher management at a glance

In this article, you'll learn about the Voucher Management tool.

In this article

Overview of Voucher Management

Once you have logged into the e-guma Voucher System, you'll see an overview of the Voucher Management tool.


PM (Payment Method) If you roll the mouse over the icon, you'll see the payment method applicable to the voucher order. 
O-No. (Order number) The order number appears on the invoice/receipt.
Code A uniquely identifiable 12-digit voucher code The code is shown on the printed voucher
Credit The current voucher value. If you roll the mouse over the value, you'll also see the value of the initial credit.
Date The date on whcih the voucher was issued
VT (Voucher Type) The type of voucher, for example whether it has a specific value or can be used for brunch.
Customer The name of the purchaser
Action A further action may be shown based on status.
i Voucher details



The voucher was bought with payment against invoice, but has not yet been paid for.


The voucher was ordered online and is awaiting printing and shipment by post.


The voucher has been paid for and can be redeemed at any time.

Light green

The voucher has been partially redeemed and the remainder is still outstanding.


This voucher has been redeemed in full.


Voucher details

Clicking on the blue Info icon for a voucher order will take you to the detailed voucher view. In the support article covering Voucher details, you'll learn about the information that is shown in the detailed view and how you can make adjustments to the voucher order.


Editing voucher orders

Get to know the various colours and actions contained in the Voucher Management tool for everyday use in e-guma:

Edit order - Online Payment
Editing orders - Invoice with QR-bill - Joint shipment of invoice and voucher
Editing orders - Invoices with QR-bill - Vouchers sent once the invoice is paid (Pre-payment)
Editing orders - IBAN invoice - Joint shipment of invoice and voucher
Editing orders - IBAN invoice - Vouchers sent once the invoice is paid (Pre-payment)


Searching for vouchers

If you click on the blue  Search button at the top left, a new area will open. Everything you need to know about searching for vouchers is contained in the Searching for vouchers support article.


Export as an Excel file

If you click the  Excel icon at the top right, you can export all vouchers. Learn here how to export only particular vouchers from the Voucher Management tool.