An overview of stock vouchers

The benefit of selling stock vouchers is that they are quick and easy to handle: simply take a pre-printed voucher from the stack, activate the voucher in the e-guma voucher system and hand it to the customer.

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What are stock vouchers?

Stock vouchers in the e-guma Voucher System are pre-issued vouchers that can simply be activated and handed over to the customer.

The benefit of stock vouchers is that they are pre-printed and ready to go, so that you don't have to waste any time in stressful situations. Consequently, there is nothing standing between you and a quick voucher sale.

Stock vouchers are only activated in the e-guma Voucher System once they are actually sold, meaning that you are protected against any misuse of the pre-prepared vouchers.

Advantages Disadvantages
A quick sales process No option to personalise the vouchers
No need to log in to the e-guma Back Office The status of stock vouchers must be checked
regularly and restocked


Creating a stock series

You can prepare stocks of all voucher types that you offer via your Voucher System. You have two different options when working with stock vouchers.

You can print the voucher layout saved in e-guma locally

If you would like to print the voucher layout saved in e-guma locally, generate a stock series as a PDF document as described here. A stock series is a series of vouchers (with a quantity as specified by you), which you print in advance as stock vouchers and which you then make available for sale.

With this approach, e-guma issues the finished vouchers as a PDF document for printing.You can then store the vouchers at your chosen location for your checkout or reception employees to distribute.

Shortly before you run out of stock, you should generate a new stock series as described here.

Support article
Generating a stock series

You can use a pre-printed voucher layout provided by an agency

You may wish to use a specific format for your voucher layout (e.g., credit card format or double-sided printing). Or perhaps you would like to ensure that your voucher layout is printed to a very high quality standard. If so, e-guma gives you the option of exporting voucher codes as an Excel list. These codes can then be printed onto a pre-prepared layout by an agency of your choice.
Support article
Generating stock vouchers with an agency


Selling and activating stock vouchers

Before a stock voucher can be sold, it must first be activated. This activation is required to protect you from misuse of ready-prepared vouchers. Four different user interfaces are available to activate the vouchers.

Support article
Activating stock vouchers in the e-guma Back Office
Activating stock vouchers with WebCashbox
Activating stock vouchers with the Voucher App
Activating stock vouchers with a cash register interface (when reviewing the functional scope of the Overview article, you'll see whether the relevant interface offers stock voucher functionality).


Sales report

Stock vouchers will appear in the sales report for the applicable day once sold.


Activating the functionality

The functionality for stock vouchers does not come as standard. Please contact us to activate this feature in your Back Office.