Deleting vouchers

In this article, you'll learn how to delete an individual voucher or an entire voucher order.

User permissions

To delete vouchers, you must have access to the following permission: Voucher Management - > Delete vouchers. If your user account does not have the necessary permission, please contact your internal e-guma administrator.

In this article

Deleting vouchers - Overview

In the menu of the e-guma Voucher System, select Vouchers -> Manage.
Click the Information icon to see the detailed voucher view.

Click on the Delete voucher button to delete only the selected voucher. If a voucher contains several vouchers, a second button will appear, labelled Delete order. Click Delete order if you want to delete the entire order.
Enter a reason for the deletion, then click Yes.

A red confirmation will now appear in the Voucher Management tool to show that the voucher has been deleted.
Deleted vouchers appear in the Sales Report on the cancellation as a negative amount. The Sales Report also contains a Comment column that shows the reason of the deletion.

Exception: If you delete a voucher that has been invoiced but not yet paid, this will not appear as a negative value in the Sales Report. e-guma only books vouchers that have been invoiced once the invoice has been paid.

Searching for deleted vouchers

You can learn how to search for deleted vouchers in the Voucher Management tool, and how they are displayed, here.   


Deleting vouchers sold online

If the voucher to be deleted was ordered via your online shop and paid by credit card, you can select whether the amount should automatically be credited back to the customer's credited or whether you will provide a refund via your accounts.

Once a voucher has been deleted successfully, the Voucher log for the individual voucher will show whether a voucher has been refunded automatically or manually.

Automatic recrediting

Voucher orders purchased via your online shop can automatically be refunded to the customer's credited card using the e-guma Voucher System.

What if you've deleted a voucher by mistake and automatically refunded it?

Please contact us without delay, as we can cancel a refund via your Datatransaccount on the same day. Once the end-of-day reconciliation is complete, this is no longer possible.

If the voucher was purchased more than a year previously, the voucher amount cannot automatically be refunded. In this case, you must refund the customer manually.

Manual refunds

You can refund the amount to the customer manually (e.g., via a bank transfer, cash, etc.) In this case, the sum will not be refunded to the customer's credit card account.

You will see a difference in the Sales Report, whether an individual voucher or an entire order has been deleted.

Deleting individual vouchers

The value is applied directly to the Reimbursement account.

Deleting an entire order

When deleting an entire voucher order, e-guma will make a transfer posting between the online payment method and the Reimbursement account.

Sofort (Klarna) transfers - exceptions

Sofort (Klarna) instant payments are an exception among online payment methods. Online payments with Sofort cannot be refunded automatically. Learn how to cancel a payment in your Sofort account here.


Deleting locally sold vouchers

If the customer bought the voucher from you locally, you must refund the amount manually from your accounts.


Deleting vouchers for payment against invoice

Vouchers that have been invoiced but not paid can be deleted with no further consequences, as e-guma only records invoiced vouchers once they have been paid.If, however, the invoice has already been paid, you can must effect the refund manually from your accounts.