Cancelling a redemption

In this article, you will learn how you can undo a redemption that was made by mistake.

Select Vouchers -> Manage from the menu, then click on the Information icon to see a detailed view of the voucher.
In Redemptions, click on the blue Cancel button.

You have two options when cancelling a redemption. Normal (today) or Backdated.

Normal (today) is the recommended option. The redemption is cancelled with effect from the current date.

The Backdated option cancels the redemption with effect from the day on which the redemption was made. If the redemption did not take place in the current month, the voucher archive is updated automatically. This option cannot be used if the voucher was redeemed on the day of cancellation, if the voucher was issued with the payment method set to Complimentary or if it is a group voucher.

Enter a reason for the cancellation and click Yes.