An overview of the e-guma Marketing Tools

The goal of all e-guma marketing tools is to make your coupon offer a talking point. Your customers and guests should know what's in store them - unique vouchers for their loved ones or themselves.

In this article, we will be introducing you to a variety of marketing and communication options.

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Online shop linking on your website

Probably the most important communication platform is your own website - that means that excellent linking of the voucher shop on your website is the key to successfully selling vouchers.

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Online shop linking on your website
Voucher icons for your website


Your voucher shop

When your shop is visited, it must be impressive from the start.

You'll never get a second chance for the first impression

So check the following points:

  • Does your cover image help inspire new customers to use vouchers?
  • Is your starting text short, snappy and convincing?
  • Is your voucher offer up to date and are the pictures consistent and attractive?
  • Does the voucher layout match your corporate design? Is the layout up to date?

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Voucher shop settings
Change voucher offer
Design voucher layout


Special offer and promotional code

Would you like to give your vouchers a special promotion for a fixed time? Then special offers and promotional codes are just the right thing for you. 

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Special offer
Promotional code


Social media

Your social media channels are highly suitable for advertising your experiences using vouchers.

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Link up social networks with e-guma
Social media posts
e-guma Facebook App
Facebook Call to Action
Facebook cover photo


Local merchandising

There is nothing more valuable than drawing the attention of your existing customers and guests to your vouchers. Make your satisfied customers your own ambassadors!

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Sales promotion on site


Client information and newsletter

Give your customers who are purchasing vouchers the option of subscribing to your newsletter and export the customer information with a single click of the mouse from your e-guma Backoffice.

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Newsletter settings in your e-guma online shop
Manage and export client information



Here you'll find a selection of graphics for a special occasion, as well as for neutral daily use on your website and social media platforms, in your email signatures, newsletters or your local promotions.

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E-mail signature
Graphics for daily use
Graphics for Valentine's Day
Graphics for Easter
Graphics for Mother's Day
Graphics for Black Friday
Graphics for Christmas



Left your voucher at home? With the voucher2mobile app, this problem becomes a thing of the past! The app conveniently allows the person receiving the gift to always have their vouchers with them on their smartphone.

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