Admission with calendar overview

With its calendar function, the e-guma ticketing system offers the option of staggered admissions. Your guests can select their desired date and the desired time for their booking in the online shop, with just a few clicks, and pay for and book their admission directly. This way your visitors arrive on-time and no queues form on-site.

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Adding an admission

In this guide, we explain how to add an Admission with Calendar.


Online shop

Your visitors can select the date and time in the online shop.

As soon as your customer has selected the date and time, the ticket types appears.

The remainder of the online ordering process is described in this article.


Issuing tickets on site

Select the desired date and time. The number of available tickets can be seen under each slot.

If you want to sell one or more ticket types exclusively on site, you can create hidden ticket types. These are marked with a symbol (crossed-out eye) on the on-site sales screen, and are not visible in the online shop.


Ticket printing

The selected date and time is stated on the ticket, directly beneath the title.


Overview of sold tickets

An overview of all sold tickets can be opened directly from the dashboard. To do so, click on Calendar.

In the case of an admission with several slots, the Hide empty slots option can prove helpful.


Exporting orders

You have the option to export orders as an Excel file. The selected date, with the time, is stated in this export file.



You can check-in for individual slots via Web Check-in or Ticket App.

Check-in using the Ticket App

Select the menu item Admissions in the Ticket App. 

First the admissions with calendar are listed, followed by the admissions without calendar. Only published entries are shown. For admissions with calendar, one entry is shown for each slot. For each admission, the slots of the current day are displayed. If there are no slots on the current day, the slots of the next day of performance are displayed. Entries without upcoming slots are not listed.

As with the event check-in, the number of participants and check-ins are displayed in the green bar at the bottom. The check-ins can also be done with the list of participants in the app.

If a ticket with an incorrect slot is attempted to be checked in, the message below appears. If the ticket is still allowed to be checked in, it can be checked in directly without changing the slot in the app.

Attendance list

In the Attendance list Excel report, the date selected by the customer, along with the time, are stated in the Start column. The attendance lists can be exported for all ticket orders, or just for individual slots. Find out more

Check-in report

With the Check-in report you can also find out which tickets have been checked in when, and by which user. In the Start column of the report, the date and time selected in the calendar are stated.



The following functions are not yet supported in conjunction with the calendar:


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