Managing orders

In this article, you'll learn more about the order management features.

From the menu of your ticketing system, click on Orders -> Manage

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Order overview

In the order management tool, you will see all ticket orders that have been received. You will also see all cancelled ticket orders.

In the e-guma ticketing system menu, go to Orders -> Manage to open the list of orders.
You can view the sales channel (House icon = On site / Globe icon = online shop), the order number, the event, the order date, the customer's details, the status, the order value, and any  order comments in the Overview.

Searching for orders

Use the Search field to enter the order number or the customer's given name or family name and click on Search. You may also search by Order date, by Status (activated, not paid, cancelled), or by Event

Detailed view of the order

Clicking on an order takes you to a detailed view of the order. Your options here include the ability to reopen or print the Ticket and/or the Receipt at any time. Learn more about  cancelling or  rebooking orders, as well as comments.

Exporting orders

The e-guma Ticketing System gives you the option of exporting your orders to an Excel file. Click on the Export as Excel button.

Editing customer details

From time to time, customers may enter their e-mail address incorrectly. You have the option of correcting any customer's details at any time.

Click on the relevant order
Clicking on the Edit button allows you to edit any of the customer's details as you see fit.
Click on Save to save the changes for the future.
If you would like to resend the confirmation e-mail, you can do so by clicking on the Resend validation e-mail button. This will cause e-guma to resend the ticket and the receipt to the customer.


Editing a payment method

You can edit the payment method of an order yourself.

The payment method can not be edited if ...
- It is an online order
- the order was partially or completely canceled
- was paid with a voucher

Click on the desired order.

Click on the Edit button below the payment method.
Select the correct payment method and click on Apply.

In the History the successful adjustment of the payment method is logged.


Hiding price on tickets

Would you or your customers like to prevent the price from appearing on the ticket? You can simply hide the price.


Click on the relevant order

Activate the Do not show price on ticket check box. This setting can be activated or deactivated on a per-ticket basis.
Click on the Tickets button so that you can reprint the ticket without the price.
Show price on ticket
Hide price on ticket