Creating an admission with calendar

In this article you find out how to create an admission with calendar.

In this article

Creating an admission with calendar

This article contains only those functions specific to the Admission with calendar. For all other input fields, please consult the Creating an event or admission article.

In the menu of your ticketing system, click on Admissions -> Edit. Then click on the blue Add -> With calendar button to the right.

Full-day admissions

Specify whether or not your admission is a full-day admission.

  • Full-day admissions: Only 1 timeslot is created per day
  • Not a full-day admission: You have the option to create multiple timeslots for each day. This is particularly useful if there are multiple admissions per day.


Online sale closes

You can choose when the online sale should close.An already closed slot can no longer be booked in the online shop.The default value is 1 hour prior to commencement, or until midnight on the respective day in the case of full-day admissions. If you select days, you can also specify the precise time.

Closed and sold out slots are displayed with the corresponding annotation in the online shop.

On the on-site sales screen, these slots are displayed with a symbol (crossed out eye) and a corresponding notification. Although these slots are no longer available for online sale, you can still sell them on-site until the admission commences.



Please note that changes to an existing admission are immediately saved and published.

Scroll on down and click on the blue Edit calendar button. 

Adding categories

Do you have different ticket prices for certain times (e.g. mornings or at the weekend)? Then we recommend that you create various categories in the calendar. If the same prices apply for all timeslots, then you can ignore this function.

In the top right-hand corner, click on the blue Categories button. 

Create a dedicated category for each ticket price. To do so, click on the blue New category button. Once you have created all categories, click on Save

Adding slots

Click on the blue Slots -> Add slots button.

The window shown below opens.

You can create multiple slots at once. Specify from when, and until when you want to add the slots.

The precise time of the slots.
Select the week days on which the slots are to be added.
The allotment (number of available seats) for each slot.

When creating a new calendar, a default allotment is created. You can find our how to set up multiple allotments for each slot here.

Select the correct category for each slot.

Adding slots
Finally, click on the Add slots button.You receive an acknowledgement stating the number of slots created.
If a slot already exists for the selected time on a particular day, a duplicate admission is not created. e-guma will inform you with a message.
If you wish to create other slots with a different time, you merely have to adjust the time and click on the Add slots button once more. 
Once you have created all slots, you can view an overview of your calendar. In the top right-hand corner, click on the blue Back button to continue creating the admission. 


Editing slots

Editing 1 slot
Click on a slot in the calendar A window opens in which you can adjust the allotment and the category.
Editing multiple slots

Oftentimes multiple slots must be changed rather than just one. To adjust several slots, click on the blue Slots -> Edit slots button.

Specify the date, time and weekday for the slots that you wish to edit. Under Time, either a specific time or all slots for a day can be selected.
Now specify the new values in the area at the bottom (allotment, category, or time).

Deleting slots

Deleting 1 slot
Click on the slot that you want to delete in the calendar. Confirm the deletion using the Delete slot button.
Deleting multiple slots

If you want to delete several slots at once, click on the blue Slots -> Delete slots button.

Specify the date, the time and the weekdays that you want to delete, and then click on the Delete slots button.

Restoring slots

When deleting slots, these are not deleted from the database, but rather merely marked as deleted. If slots have been deleted accidentally, click on the blue
Slots -> Restore slots button.

The times at which slots have been deleted are displayed.The most recent deletions are displayed at the top.

Select the appropriate date and click on Restore slots.


Show availability in the online shop

Would you like your guests to be able to see how many tickets are still available per timeslot? If so, enable the Show availability in the online shop option. 
This means that the available tickets will be displayed in the online shop:

Maximum number of orders per slot

Activate this function if you want to limit the number of orders possible per slot (day or time).This function is for example particularly useful on occasions when only one group can make a booking per slot. The saved allotment also specifies the maximum number of people for whom a booking can be made.

Ticket types

Create one or more ticket types as described here. Enter the corresponding Category in the Calendar category field.


Copying an admission

Would you like to create the same admission again? This is possible using the blue Copy button: when copying, you can specify whether the new admission should also occupy the same calendar slots. Settings such as ticket types, descriptions etc. are automatically applied.