Check-in admission tickets

You can check admission tickets by using Web Check-in or the Ticket App.

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Web Check-in

You can use a web browser to check admission tickets on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or any other internet-capable device. For rapid admission checks, a QR code scanner can be connected to the PC via a USB port.

In the e-guma Ticketing System menu, go to Attendees -> Web Check-in, to open web-based admission controls.

An ideal alternative for mobile devices

Enter in the device's browser and log in using your e-guma login details.

Select the Admissions menu item.

Enter the ticket number, either by hand or using the scanner. Alternatively, you can also search after the name or company of the attendee. An autocomplete will provide suggestions wherever possible. 
Click on Check-in or press the Enter key to complete the check-in and move on to the next ticket.


Ticket App

Learn here how to do check-ins for individual slots (entries with calendar).

Launch the Ticket App and log in using your e-guma login details. If you do not know your login details, contact us.
Select the Admissions.

First the admissions with calendar are listed, followed by the admissions without calendar. Select the Admission of your choice. 
Scan the QR code on the admission ticket. If the ticket is valid, the app will register this with a green tick.

If the ticket is not valid, a red cross will appear.


Check-in report

With the Check-in report, you can see which admission tickets have been checked, and which user performed the check. Learn more here:  Check-in report