Calendar with multiple admissions

In this article we show you how multiple admissions can access the same calendar.

Please get in touch with us if you want to create a new admission which should be linked to an existing calendar.

In this article


This function is useful when multiple admissions include the same service with a limited capacity. In the following example, three different admissions include a ride up the mountain on a gondola lift. By linking the calendar, the allotment for the gondola ride is automatically matched for these three admissions.

Clicking on the Edit calendar button on one of the three admissions opens the shared calendar.

In the calendar, you can see which admissions are linked with this calendar.


Adding an admission

We create a new admission for you and link it to the existing calendar of your choice.

Adding categories

As soon as a calendar is linked with multiple admissions, more than one category can be selected for a slot.

If the bookable slots are not identical for all admissions, you can assign corresponding categories to the different slots. Here you will learn how to add a new category.

With our example admission "Breakfast incl. ascent and descent", only the first four rides in the morning (8:15 - 9:30) can be booked. The slots entered in the calendar after 9:30 a.m. should not be displayed when purchasing tickets. For this purpose, the category "Zmorge_Normal" is assigned to the first four journeys as described below.

Editing slots

To assign a new category to existing slots, click on the blue button in the calendar Slots -> Edit slots. Enter the corresponding data of the slot as described here and select the corresponding category in the categories as well as the option Add

If a slot already has a category assigned and you want to replace it, select the option Set. With this option, the newly selected category will be recorded and the existing one removed.

Ticket types

Now assign the correct category to the ticket type as described here. In this example, the category is "Zmorge_Normal".