Check-in using attendance lists

In this article, you'll learn how you can use attendance lists in the e-guma Ticketing System to manage your events.

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What are attendance lists?

Attendance lists contain all ticket orders for an event. You can create attendance lists for current and past events in your e-guma Ticketing System at any time.


All ticket orders for an event or admissoins are listed with further details in an attendence list. In your e-guma ticket system, you can create attendance lists for current and past events at any time. The attendance lists can be used both for table planning in advance and for analysing events afterwards. It is the ideal check-in option if no internet connection is available at the entry control location.

The following details are shown in the attendance list if they are available for the respective ticket or order:

The tickets are summarised per order in the list of participants. For events with a seating plan and events or admissions with questions, one entry per ticket is created in the list of participants.


The attendance list generated for a particular event is always up-to-date. This also means that you can see how many check-ins have already taken place. In addition, when a list is exported to PDF, an order is marked with a tick once all associated tickets have been checked in.

Exporting a attendance list

In the menu of the e-guma Ticketing System, go to Attendees  -> Attendance list.

Select an Event and the desired order for the list, and export the attendance list, either as a PDF or as an Excel file.

Export as PDF

The data contained in the PDF version of the attendance list depends on the configuration of your event or admission. If personalised data is available for each ticket, it will be displayed. If there is no personalised data per ticket, the data of the person who ordered the ticket will be used.

Please contact us so that we can activate the new version of the PDF attendance list in your account.

Export as Excel

In the attendance list as Excel, additional information on check-in is exported. The payment column is helpful to recognise whether an order is a reservation and therefore the money must be collected on the day of the event.


Participant list for admissions with calendar function

In the Excel report of the attendance list, the date selected by the customer and the time are listed in the Start column.

You can export the attendance list either for all ticket orders or only for individual slots. As soon as you select an entry with calendar, you can filter by start date. Here you have the option of selecting either a specific date,
or a desired time period.
The participants are sorted according to the start date. Within the same slot, the sorting is done according to the last name.