Rebooking tickets

In this article, you'll learn how to rebook tickets.

In this article


In the e-guma Ticketing System menu, select  Orders -> Manage.
Search for the corresponding order. Clicking on the order to takes you to the detailed view.
Click on the button marked  Rebook.
Select the new event and ticket variants. Then click on the button labelled  Rebook.

The total amount of the new tickets must match the total of the old tickets. 
If the prices are not identical, you can cancel the order by using the Credit option, after which you can order new tickets with the Credit payment type. Learn more.    

Rebooking individual tickets within an order
If you don't want to rebook the entire order, you can cancel the relevant tickets using the  Credit option then issue new tickets with the Credit payment type. Learn more.

Download the new tickets.


Actions such as cancellation and rebooking can be viewed in the Detail View of a ticket order under the History heading.


Sales report

Rebooked tickets will appear in the  sales report under the new event.