The dashboard gives you an overview of your ticket sales at any time.

Click on the menu of your ticketing system  Orders -> Dashboard

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How is the dashboard structured?

Upcoming or past events

You can use switch between upcoming and past events at any time using the drop-down box at the top left.

Ticket list

The number of admissions sold is listed before the event details (provided that you have activated admission tickets in your ticketing system).

Each event is listed in the dashboard with a separate entry. Events are arranged in the list by date.


What does your dashboard show?

Event title
Publication status
Event start date
Currently sold tickets
Total revenue from tickets sold
Net revenue of sold tickets (total revenue less discounts)
Pie chart of sold tickets in per cent
Number of tickets sold per ticket type
Link to the event in the ticket shop
Link to sales report for the event

Link to Event Management

Searching for an event

If you have set up a number of different events, you can use the search function in your web browser ([CTRL] and [F]), to enter e.,g., 31.12.2018 or the event name, which will take you directly to the relevant event.