Selling tickets online

With the e-guma Ticketing System, your customers can buy event tickets within a few seconds, and print them instantly at home - all via your own online shop on your website.

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Online ticket sales - quick and convenient

Create a highly visible link to your ticket shop on your website - then you have all it takes for successful ticket sales. Our tip: Use a powerful CTA to link to your ticket shop.


A step-by-step guide to buying tickets in the online shop

Once you've created your events in e-guma, you'll find them in your ticket shop at the following URL: your-name /en/events. Clicking on Shop in your e-guma Ticketing System will take you directly to your online shop.
Select the desired tickets from the event details page. As an option, you can provide a comments field for your customers. Learn  more.
Enter your address in the next step.
Select a payment method. Tickets can also be paid in vouchers. Learn  more.

Please note that payment against invoice is only available for businesses in Switzerland.

Once the payment has been processed successfully, e-guma will send you the tickets, together with an e-mail confirmation.


Sold out event

As soon as an event is sold out, this is shown with a red banner.

Ticket shop landing page

Event details page

Event categories

Categories in the online shop