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A flyer or presentation voucher has the goal of making customers aware of the attractive vouchers available locally.

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With a flyer, you advertise both your in-house sales locally and refer customers to your online shop at the same time, by indicating the website address.

Possible locations for a flyer in your business

  • Plexiglass holder at the counter
  • In the lift
  • Restrooms
  • Spa
  • Changing room
  • Lobby
  • Screens
  • Hotel information folder
  • Menu

Plexiglass stand

Plexiglass stands for your flyers are available from, among others, the following providers:

DIN A4 format
DIN Long A6/5 format

Design selection

We have compiled a selection of flyer graphics for your local premises. These can be used freely or to inspire designs of your own creation.In your e-guma voucher system you can see the graphics under the menu item Marketing -> Marketing Graphics.


Presentation voucher

A simple but effective way to draw attention to your vouchers is to place a presentation voucher somewhere local, in an area with high footfall.


Promo cards

These are cards in business card or postcard format to be given to your guests. The promo cards indicate your voucher offer. We especially recommend combining them with a Promo code activity. You generate an additional incentive for your customers to order a voucher in your voucher shop.


Individual design

Under the menu item Marketing -> Marketing Graphics in the e-guma voucher system, we offer a wide selection of general marketing graphics for free.

If you would like a specially-made design of the promotional materials listed below, we will be happy to create them for you under the following conditions.

We are happy to discuss your wishes and your specific design order with you. We look forward to your message.
Promotional design materials Price in Swiss Francs (CHF)
Price in Euros
Flyer CHF 175.00 EUR 160.00
Promo card (double-sided design) CHF 195.00 EUR 175.00

The potential printing of the promotional material is at your expense and is not included in the price.

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