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Increase your voucher turnover with a promotional code sale

In this article, you will learn how to create and market a promotional code sale.

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Goal of a promotional code sale

A promotional code sale enables you to give a target group nominated by you a discount on all or just selected voucher types for any set period you want. The function promotional code gives you a handheld marketing instrument. You can use it to make your vouchers and business more well-known, as well as to increase your voucher turnover overall.


Create a promotional code

In the e-guma voucher system menu, select Marketing ->Promo Code. Click in the top right-hand corner on the button Add.

The past promo code actions are shown in grey.


Give your promotional code sale an Description.

Code type

Custom code

In the  Code field, you can enter a suitable name for the promo code. You can then disclose this code to your customers for later use in the online shop. The code can be used as often as you like.

Generated codes
You can specify the number of codes. All codes are six digit, numeric codes. Each code can only be used once.

Once you've finished setting up and click Save, the link Download codes will appear. A csv-file is generated containing the appropriate number of codes.


Set the discount as a percentage or fixed amount.

Please note that the discount is always determined from the total amount for the voucher order.

From / until

Define the sale duration, the period during which the promotional code can be redeemed.

Minimum order amount (optional)

Optionally, you can determine a minimum order amount.

For example, this discount can only be applied once a total order value of 50.00 CHF has been reached - if the customer chooses a smaller value, a hint box displaying the minimum order value will appear in the online shop.

Maximum amount for value vouchers (optional)

Optionally, you can enter a maximum amount for value vouchers.

This value can only be set if you select the percent option in the Discount setting.

For example if you enter CHF 500.00 and have defined a discount of 20%, the largest possible voucher discount will amount to CHF 100.00 CHF. If the customer chooses a larger amount, a hint with the maximum value will appear in the shop.

Include and exclude vouchers

You can choose whether the promotional code should be valid for all vouchers or whether you want to include or exclude individual vouchers from the promotion. 
If the customer chooses a voucher that is excluded from the promotion, a message appears after entering the promotion code.

Complete promotional code sale

Once you have entered and checked all the necessary details, click on the blue button Save.

Edit promotional code

In the e-guma voucher system menu, select Marketing -> Promo Code and click on the promotional code you want.
Now you can edit the internal name, duration, the minimum- / maximum order value for vouchers and the selected vouchers. All other settings cannot be edited afterwards.


Communicate promotional code

You have two different ways of communicating the promotional code to your target group.

Shop URL with promotional code

Would you like to send a newsletter or create a post on your social media channels? Then we suggest that you communicate the promotional code using the Shop URL to your target group.When the URL is opened, the promotional code is saved automatically in your shopping cart.

The shop links are only created if you select Custom code in the code type.

In the menu of the e-guma voucher system, select Marketing -> Promo Code and click on the promotional code you want. At the code click on the blue link Shoplink with promotional code.

Now a new window will open. By clicking on Copy link you can copy a link directly to the clipboard.


For example, you can begin the promotional code sale for a trade exhibition or certain printing materials; instead of the URL, you can communicate the actual code (using this example thankyou) using promotional cards or magazine ads.


Redeem promotional code

On the online shop

Your shop visitors can choose one or many vouchers in the online shop and put them in their shopping cart. In the shopping cart, the customer will see the field Do you have a promo code? and must then enter the relevant promotional code and click on the button Apply (this promotional code field will appear only for an ongoing promotional sale). 

If the customer has received a shop-URL with a promotional code, the discount is automatically applied (the customer doesn't need to do anything).


Promotional codes can also be used when selling vouchers locally. Display a voucher as you normally do and enter the promotional code on the customer data page into the relevant field.


Search for and use vouchers on display with a promotional code

You can view the number of redeemed promotional codes in the promotional code settings. In the menu, select Marketing -> Promo Code. In the top right-hand column, you will see the number of redeemed promotional codes.

If you would like to view the details of the promotional code voucher, go to the menu and select Vouchers -> Manage. Then click on the blue search button in the top left-hand corner. In the search field Promotion, select the sale you want and click on the Search button.

In the managing vouchers section, you can recognise the vouchers displayed with a promotional code by the star above the payment method icon.


Register vouchers displayed with a promotional code

Time of transaction

A customer purchases a voucher with a value exceeding 100,000 CHF from your online shop and uses the "thankyou" promotional code. Using this promotional code, the customer gets a 20% discount on the total voucher order value. The customer pays 80.00 CHF by credit card.

Despite the discount, the voucher still has a redeemable value of 100.00 CHF and will be displayed with this value in the managing vouchers section.

The discount will be registered when the voucher is sold and listed in the sales report. In the sales report, 80.00 CHF will be displayed with the payment method credit card and 20.00 CHF with the payment method Online discount (with the note Redemption promo code).

Posting record
Debit Have Amount
Bank (credit card) Vouchers (Passive account) 80.00 CHF
Discount Vouchers (Passive account) 20.00 CHF

Time of voucher redemption

The voucher can be readily redeemed with a value of 100.00 CHF. With this value, this voucher will appear in the redemption report

Posting record
Debit Have Amount
Vouchers (Passive account) Earnings 100.00 CHF

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