Voucher shop settings

In this article, you will learn about what changes you can make in the settings of your voucher shop.

In the menu sections of your voucher systems, click on Settings -> Online shop -> Voucher shop
User rights

In order to adjust the settings of your voucher shop, you must have marketing rights. If your user account does not have this necessary right, please contact your internal e-guma administrator.

In this article

Cover image

With a single click on the button Select Image, you can upload the cover picture you want for the voucher shop. The picture should have the format 1900px x 500px.

For your cover pictures, we suggest that you use atmospheric pictures without captions. This is because these sorts of pictures can be easily cropped on mobile devices (responsive design).It is important that you check how the cover picture looks in your voucher shops on lots of different terminal devices.


Page name

Give your voucher shop a page name in all active languages. The standard name is Vouchers but you have the possibility to insert your own page name using the dropdown menu.



Give your voucher shop a title in all active languages


Intro text

Write a brief introduction for your voucher shop in all active languages.

The introductory text is also used for the meta-description.


Shipping methods

Activate and deactivate the shipping methods selectable in the voucher shop.


Google ads

Learn here how to use e-guma to implement your conversion tracking by Google Ads for your voucher shop.

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