e-surprise vouchers - Overview

In this article you will find a quick and easy guide to the most important information regarding your participation in our new e-surprise.ch voucher platform.

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What is e-surprise?

e-surprise is the new voucher platform of our e-guma voucher system. e-surprise enables visitors to the voucher platform to conveniently browse through the wealth of experience vouchers available throughout Switzerland in a single online shop or the TWINT app, and surprise a very special person with a very special gift. All e-guma customers have the possibility of purchasing experience vouchers on this platform. You can find more information about e-surprise here.


Why is it worth joining e-surprise?

With your presence on e-surprise, you have the opportunity to advertise your business and your vouchers via an additional online sales channel: you can therefore increase your name recognition, generate lucrative additional sales and win new customers. All e-surprise vouchers are also sold on the TWINT marketplace in the TWINT app. This means that your voucher range appears directly in the TWINT app for several million users on their smartphones.


Which vouchers from your company are available?

Once you're registered on e-surprise.ch, you choose whether you want to offer all vouchers or whether you want to exclude certain offers. At the start of e-surprise we had to focus on a small selection of vouchers per participating company. We will enter more vouchers at a later date and send them to you in advance for cross-checking by e-mail.

In your e-guma backoffice you can see the vouchers that have been activated on e-surprise by the green e-surprise indicator. We have taken over the offers from your voucher shop (the services and prices of the vouchers published on e-surprise must correspond to those in your voucher shop).


What should you do in the case of changes to the voucher offer?

As soon as you or the e-guma team make changes to one of your vouchers which is also published on e-surprise, the e-surprise team will be informed automatically and we will apply the same changes on e-surprise as well. You will not be required to do anything else.


What is an e-surprise voucher?

In addition to your experience vouchers, we also offer an e-surprise value voucher, which the recipient can redeem as they wish with all participating businesses.

When you registered for your presence on e-surprise, you agreed to accept this e-surprise value voucher in your business.


What does an e-surprise voucher look like?

e-surprise vouchers differ significantly from your own vouchers in terms of layout. In the e-surprise online shop, customers can choose between 6 graphics (Happy Birthday, Thank you, Pure Adventure, From the Heart or Pure Joy). Currently, individual voucher graphics are not possible for respective participating companies.

How do you redeem e-surprise vouchers?

e-surprise experience vouchers and value vouchers can be redeemed in e-guma. Partial redemptions are also possible. You can find all the important information about redeeming e-surprise vouchers here: Redeeming e-surprise vouchers

Redemption via e-guma is mandatory so that we can transfer your credit from the vouchers redeemed with you to your bank account every month.


How is the account settled?

At the end of each month, we will send you a statement by e-mail and transfer the credit balance of all redeemed e-surprise vouchers, minus the commission, to your bank account. You can find out more here: Monthly e-surprise statement


What should be done if a customer wants to use the voucher for another service?

The voucher can also be redeemed for other services. To do this, simply calculate the value of the voucher. The value of the voucher can be checked at any time by following this link.


What should be done if a customer wants to redeem an expired
e-surprise voucher?

You must redeem your voucher within the voucher validity period of 2 years from the date of purchase. The validity date is printed on the bottom left of the voucher. It is possible for the customer to extend the voucher in consultation with the e-surprise team.

If the customer is already on site with you, you can also accept an expired voucher and redeem it via e-guma. In any case, we will reimburse you for the value of the voucher.

Please note: if the offer has become more expensive since the expiry date, the customer must pay the difference. The value of the voucher can be checked at any time by following this link.


Do you have any other questions? We're here for you

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