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In this article, you'll learn about the changes you can make to the basic settings of your online shop. If you wish to use both the voucher and ticketing systems, these settings apply to both online shops.

In the menu of your voucher system, click on Settings -> Online shop -> Basic settings
User permissions

To ensure that you can amend the basic settings of your online shop, you must have access to the  Marketing user permission. If your user account does not have the necessary permission, please contacty your e-guma administrator.

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Clicking on the Choose image button allows you to upload your own logo to the online shop. To ensure that you achieve the best possible display quality, we recommend that you upload the logo as an SVG file. SVG files also allow you to adapt the size to your individual requirements.

Ensure that you check what the logo will look like in your shop. Clicking on the Shop in the e-guma header will take you to your voucher or ticket shop accordingly.


Google Analytics

You have the option to link your Google Analytics resp. Google Tag Manager account to e-guma. 

In the online shop, Google Analytics is configured so that visitors' IP addresses are anonymised by Google.

Learn more in the  Google Analytics support article.



Do you regularly send a newsletter to your customers? With e-guma, your voucher shop and ticket shop customers have the option to register for your newsletter. The Register for Newsletter box appears on the Customer Data shop page, shortly before the order is completed.

If you have activated the option to allow newsletter registrations, a double opt-in process is used for this registration. That means that the customer must first check the box for the newsletter and, once the order is complete, will receive an additional e-mail with a link to confirm the registration.

Learn  here how to manage and export customer data.


With this option, you can turn cookie consents in the shop on or off. If it is turned on, the visitor will be shown a notice about the use of cookies.


Legal notices and contact details

You can use e-guma's template setting out your legal notices and contact details, or you can enter your own text. 

You can check this nameplate page by clicking on the  Show preview button.


Data Protection

You can use e-guma's template Data Protection terms or you can enter your own Data Protection policy. 

e-guma template

We update the template on an ongonig basis.

Contact detalis of the Data Controller

Enter the contact details of the Data Controller for the online shop. An example:

Idea Creation GmbH
Walchestrasse 15
8006 Zürich
+41 44 500 54 00

If you do not enter any contact details, e-guma will use your  company address.

Contact details of the Corporate Data Protection Officer

Enter the contact detals of your Data Protection Officer. An example:

Idea Creation GmbH
Christoph Thomet   
Walchestrasse 15
8006 Zürich
+41 44 500 54 00

It is also possible to enter a general piece of information, such as "Data Protection," instead of a full name.

Representative's contact details in the European Union

Is your business located outside the EU? If so, you can enter the contact details of your EU representative.

Automatic updates to the Data Protection policy

If you use the payment methods or tracking codes set out below, your Data Protection policy will automatically be updated by e-guma.

Your additions to the Data Protection policy

Do you use a tracking service or similar solution that is not mentioned in the Data Protection policy? If so, enter it in the additions to the standard policy.


Manage your Data Protection policy by clicking on the Show preview button.

Use of your own Data Protection policy

Do you already have a Data Protection policy that already covers your e-guma online shop's processing activities?
e-guma offers a range of options for using an existing Data Protection policy.
  • As text - You can copy the content of your existing Data Protection policy into the field.
  • As a PDF - You can upload your Data Protection policy as a PDF
  • As a link - You can insert the URL of your Data Protection policy

Please ensure that you regularly review and update your own Data Protection policy.


Custom code

The Custom Code field may be used, for example, to enter a tracking codes, Facebook Pixel or similar. This code is inserted into your voucher and ticket shops, in the body tag of each page.

If the content or display format of the online shop is changed, we reserve the right to remove this code.

Facebook Pixel

If you enter your Facebook pixel code in the upper field  Custom code, the page views will be recorded. e-guma's Facebook pixel integration also supports conversion tracking. To do this, you can also add the following additional code in the  Custom Code field below your Facebook pixel code:
// tracks voucher- and event-orders
if (
typeof env !== "undefined" &&
( === "Completion" || === "EventCompletion")) {

fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
value: env.orderTotal,
currency: env.currency

This script records the sales in the voucher and in the ticket shop.


Social networking

e-guma supports direct integration of your social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest into your online shop. Enter the direct URLs to your individual social networking presences.

Your social media channels will appear in the footer of your online shop in the Contact section.

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