Linking up the online shop on your website

In this article, you will learn how to best integrate the online shop into your website.

Using real examples from previous customers, we will introduce you to the best ways of linking up your website.You will see an extract from each of the mobile and desktop versions of the customer website.

In this article

The building blocks for successful selling online

Your online shop is visible
The customers can see the search term Voucher clearly on your website's homepage.
Your online shop is easy to access
With just a few clicks, your customers can access your world of online vouchers.
Your online shop is also incorporated on your mobile website.
Your customers can visit the online shop from their computers at home or from their smartphones when out and about.
Your vouchers will appear in search engines
Incorporating the search term Voucher into your text and headlines is crucial


Integration variations

Alongside social media channels, your customers will also mostly access your online shop via your company website - that means clearly visible linkage is essential.

Links to the online shop

This articles presents various suggestions for linking up your website. We suggest that you open the URL of your online shop in a new window.


The e-guma online shop is not designed to display pages in iFrames. Learn more about iFrame as a way of integrating: Incorporate the online shop as an iFrame


We suggest that you integrate the voucher menu item into your navigation pane. This will keep your voucher offer continuously visible - regardless of which sub page viewers are on.


Seminar- and wellness hotel Stoos

Limmathof Baden Hotel & SPA


Note in the offer descriptions

Are you communicating your offers on your website? Are these specials available as vouchers too? Then we suggest that you add the finishing touch to the offer with a short text description and a direct link to the voucher, such as "Click here and make a voucher out of this experience"

Hotel Interlaken

Steakhouse station

Congress + Kursaal Bern AG

Langenthal Parkhotel

Beau-Rivage Palace Lausanne


Voucher icon

Draw your website viewers' attention to your vouchers with something eye-catching!
Learn more: Voucher icon on your website