Web check-in

You can use the browser to redeem tickets on a desktop PC, tablet or any other internet-capable device. Admission checks can be performed quickly by connecting a QR code scanner to a PC via a USB port. 


In the menu of the e-guma ticketing system, go to Attendees  -> Web check-in, to open web-based admission control.
An ideal alternative for mobile devices

Enter checkin.e-guma.ch in the address bar of the device's browser and log in using your e-guma account details.

Select the current event.
Check in tickets for several events at the same time

If you are selling a ticket that is valid for several events (for example day passes for a music festival or a multi-day pass), you can check in all tickets via the check-in mask for admissions. This means you do not have to switch between the individual events.

Enter the ticket number, either by hand or using a scanner. When entering the ticket number by hand, suggestions are shown once you have entered three characters so that you do not need to enter the comlpete ticket number. Alternatively, you can also search after the name or company of the attendee. An autocomplete will provide suggestions wherever possible. 
Click on Check-in or press the Enter key to complete Check-in and validate the next ticket.