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Contact us so that we can activate the seating plan function for you. Please note that the use of a seating plan will incur additional costs.

Create and configure event with a seating plan

As soon as you have activated the seating plan function, you will see in the e-guma ticketing system Events -> Edit the additional button Add with seating plan. Click on this button.

A seating plan cannot be added to an existing event without a seating plan.

e-guma creates a new event with an empty seating plan. Enter the content of the event as described here

Seating plan designer

In the seating plan section, the seating plan preview will appear in the rectangle. In the case of a new event, this preview is empty.

Click on the button start seating plan designer.

These instructions explain how to use the seating plan designer.

For events that are already on sale, you can still edit the seating plan.

Ticket types

Once you have created the seating plan, you can add the ticket types. In the category of the seating plan field, you can select one of the categories that you have defined in the seating plan designer.

It is important that you assign a category to each ticket type. 

Category with different prices

If you want to set different prices for a category (e.g. for adults and children), then enter several ticket types with the same category.

Exclude seats from sale or reserve seats

Tickets can only be sold on site

The seats or tables that you want to reserve or exclude from online sales can be assigned to their own category in the seating plan designer, e.g. "Reserved". After that, create a new hidden ticket type and assign the new seating plan category you just created. The tickets will not be available in the online shop. These tickets can, however, be issued on site as normal.

Tickets cannot be sold online or on-site

The seats or tables that you want to reserve or exclude from online sales can be assigned to their own category in the seating plan designer, e.g. "Reserved". In order to exclude the corresponding seats from online and on-site sales until further notice, do not assign the newly created seating plan category (e.g. "Reserved") to any ticket type. With this ticket type, the allotment amount does not change.

Tickets cannot be sold online or on-site - allotment is reduced

In order to exclude the corresponding seats completely from online and on-site sales, do not assign a category to these seats in the seating plan designer. The allotment will also be reduced by this number of places.

If you want to put the reserved seats or seats that have been excluded from sale into the normal sale, you can adjust the category allocation in the seating plan again at any time.  Tickets/seats that have already been issued remain unchanged. 

Social distancing

For events with a seating plan, you can establish social-distancing rules. To do this, click on Events -> Edit in the menu of your e-guma ticket system and select the desired event. Now activate the setting Social distancing active.

Block seats

With the settings Block number of seats to the left and right of the selected seat and Block seats in front of and behind the selected seat, the adjacent seats will automatically be blocked when one or more seats are selected.

You also have the option to specify the number of seats you want to block at the edge of a row.

Blocked seats are crossed out. The blocked seats will not be taken into account in the quota .

Maximum group sizes

You can also choose whether to set how many people who book together can also sit together. If your guests want to select more seats than the maximum defined number, a corresponding message appears.

You can leave this value empty if you do not wish to set a maximum size for groups.

Maximum number of participants
Determine the maximum number of people who can take part in this event. Once the maximum number of participants is reached, the remaining places will be deactivated and marked grey.Leave this value empty if you do not want to set a limit.


Online shop

Your visitors can see which seats are still available and can choose their seats. Once a seat has been selected, it is reserved for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Vacant individual seats

If a single seat is left vacant, this seat is marked and a message is displayed. The booking can still be completed.


Ticket printing

The chosen seat is indicated on the ticket.


Issue tickets on site

Select the seats to be booked.

Selected seats are reserved for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Press and hold the shift key (empty arrow pointing upwards) to select several seats at once.


Cancel tickets

When making a cancellation, you can see the seat for every ticket. After cancellation, the seat will be deallocated immediately.


Attendance list

You can sort the attendance list of events with a seating plan not only by name and order date, but also by seat. The tables are listed first, followed by the rows and finally the general admissions.

On the attendance list exported as a PDF or Excel file, one line is displayed for each ticket.


Ticket app

In the ticket app, booked seats are also indicated in the list of participants.



Create room plan

With the seating plan designer, you can create your own seating plan.Upon request, we can take over this task for you. This will incur a fee of CHF 150.00 / EUR 150.00 per hour.

Booked seats

We use an external service for the seating plan.To cover this cost, we charge CHF 0.30 / € 0.25 per place booked, which we invoice together with the commissions.


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