The e-guma Ticketing System for admissions at a glance

The simple solution for your admission tickets

Here, we will show you how easy it is to control your ticket management by using the e-guma Ticketing System.

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Differences between Events and Admissions

Learn the differences between the e-guma Ticketing System for event tickets and for admission tickets here.


Configuring admission tickets

In this article, you'll learn how you can add a new admission ticket to your online shop in the blink of an eye.

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Online shop for admission tickets
Configuring admission tickes


Printing admission tickets

Unlike an event ticket, no date is printed on a ticket to an event. In addition, the purchaser's name is not shown by default.

If you would like your customer's name to be printed on the tickets, you can enter the placeholders {{first_name}} and {{last_name}} in the  description on the ticket.

Selling admission tickets

As with events, you can sell admission tickets via the online shop or locally.

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Selling admission tickets online
Selling admission tickets locally
Paying for admission tickets using vouchers


Order management

Orders are managed in the same way as event tickets.

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Managing orders


Easily booking tickets

The current version of the sales report shows admission tickets in the Events field.

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Ticket sales report



Admissions tickets are shown as the top entry on the Dashboard.

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Admission control

The e-guma Ticketing System supports flexible admission controls via PCs, tablets and smartphones. Fast, simple and secure.

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Checking in admission tickets
Check-in report


The Demo Shop

See for yourself how easy it is!

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Add the ticketing system and you're ready to go!

Existing customers of the e-guma Voucher System can add the e-guma Ticketing System free of charge. Tickets that are sold are combined with the voucher value in calculating the commission due. The commission rates are the same in both cases.

Contact us and we will add the Ticketing System to your account.