Paying for tickets using vouchers

Tickets can be paid for using vouchers, both locally and in the online shop.

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Local sales

In the menu of the e-guma ticketing system, go to  Orders - Sell tickets
In the Vouchers field, click on Add voucher, after which a dialogue box will open.
Enter at least the first three digits of the voucher code, and a selection of valid vouchers will appear. Select the corresponding voucher code and click Add or press the Enter key.
The voucher that has been added will be displayed, together with the applied value.
If the voucher covers the total amount, the order can be completed without choosing a payment method. If the voucher does not cover the total amount, either further vouchers may be added, or another payment method may be selected to settle the outstanding amount.


Online sales

Customers can also use vouchers to pay for tickets when  buying online.

After entering your address data, enter the corresponding voucher code in the Voucher field and click on ADD. You can repeat this step with additional vouchers.
The voucher value will be deducted immediatey.
The confirmation e-mail will display the voucher used and any outstanding amount.

Voucher redemption report

Vouchers used to buy tickets appear simultaneously in the e-guma voucher system's Voucher Redemption Report.

Local Sales

When selling locally, the user who issues the ticket is shown in the Redemption Report.

Online Ticket Shop

When vouchers are redeemed in the online shop, the user is shown as ticket-shop.

All redemptions via the online shop show the redemption location as ticket-shop. As such, it is very easy for you to differentiate between existing local redemptions, and those in the online shop.

The user  ticket-shop and the redemption location  Ticket-Shop are created automatically when your ticketing system is used. Please note that you cannot edit this user. 


Order cancellation

When a ticket order with the Voucher payment method is cancelled in the ticketing system, the voucher redemption in the voucher system is also cancelled automatically.