Ticket sales report

The e-guma Ticketing System will provide you with a report so that you can see the number of tickets sold at any time.

In the menu of your ticketing system, click on Accounting -> Sales report

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Creating a sales report

e-guma does not send the Ticket sales report by e-mail automatically.

In the menu of the e-guma Ticketing System, go to Accounting - > Sales report.
Select the desired period and, depending on your requirements, also select the corresponding Event and User. The Events field may either be left blank, to display all events in the report, or you may select one or more specific events. You can also enter a specific order number or search by category. This is useful for a series of events. This filter takes into account the past and upcoming events of the selected category. Finally, you can optionally select a desired location.
If you click on the  PDF button without completing the fields, you will receive a sales report of all events for the entire period.
Click on Create and open the PDF that is produced.

The Gross value is calculated as the sum of all payment methods. The Net value is the gross value less the value of the Discount payment method.

Tickets that are issed are divided into two locations: on site and Online.  There is no option to define additional sales locations.


Recording tickets

  • Tickets should be booked to a revenue account when sold, and not to a voucher account. 
  • The values of tickets and vouchers sold in the online shop will be received from your acquirer (Wordline (SIX), Concardis, BS PAYONE, etc.) in the same payment run. The same applies for PostFinance, PayPal or Sofort├╝berweisung instant bank transfer.


Split ticket types

If you would like to see how many tickets have been sold in individual ticket types (e.g., adults and children), take the following steps:

Select an event and activate Split ticket types.
Click on  Create and open the PDF that is produced. One line per ticket catgory will be shown.


Showing orders

This function allows you to list all orders on your sales report in addition.

Activate the box   Show orders.
Click on  Create and open the PDF that is produced. You will now see the individual Orders at the bottom of the sales report.