Selling tickets locally

Sell your event tickets in a flash, wherever you are.

How to sell tickets locally

Tickets can be sold at the venue until three hours after the start of the event.
In the e-guma Ticketing System menu, go to Orders -> Sell tickets.
Select the ticket as well as the number of tickets in each category.

Depending on the configuration of the event or admission, enter the optional or required customer comment. Learn more about order comments.

In the Customer field, enter a keyword of your choice. This allows you to check that data is already present in the system. Otherwise, re-enter the customer details.

The fields First Name, Last Name, Phone Number and E-mail are mandatory for event tickets. For admission tickets with calendar booking First Name, Last Name and E-mail are mandatory. 

You can also enter an optional commentLearn more about order comments.
You can optionally offer a discount as amount or as a percentage, and provide a brief reason for the discount.

If you would like to issue a free ticket, enter 100% discount and a corresponding note. In this case, you do not have to select a payment method at point 7.

Click here to learn how to add vouchers as a payment method.
Select the appropriate Method of payment for the customer.
Please note that, if you choose the bank transfer payment method, you will generate an invoice in your order management software or  ERP system. The e-guma Ticketing System does not support receivables.
Click on Issue. You can now download and open the tickets you have issued by clicking on Tickets.

If your customer wants to receive the tickets by email, choose Send tickets by email. A new window will open.

Proof if the given email address is correct or insert the correct one. After that, select Send.

The given email address is not automatically saved as customer data.

The confirmation can also be seen at the bottom of the order overview page (in the history):


The final step is to record the tickets sold and the payment received in your cash register or PMS (in the same way as you recorded tickets sold before e-guma).