Activating stock vouchers with WebCashbox

In this article, you'll learn how to sell vouchers at any time, using any internet-capable device in the world, via e-guma WebCashbox.

An overview of e-guma WebCashbox

In this article you'll learn the most essential aspects of installing an e-guma WebCashbox.

How to activate stock vouchers with the WebCashbox

Please note that it is not possible to enter a promotional code. Alternatively, you can enter a discount on your cash register or PMS.

Open the WebCashbox link.
Click on the grey Sell button. Your WebCashbox will now appear in orange (if youre WebCashbox only has permissions to sell vouchers, but not to redeem them, your WebCashbox will appear in orange immediately).

Enter the 12-digit voucher code manually (e-guma will complete the code automatically once three digits have been entered) or use a scanner, then click on Check.

Click Activate to finish.