Reasons why vouchers cannot be redeemed

To protect against abuse, we recommend that vouchers are always checked and redeemed in real time.The e-guma Voucher System will always notify you of the possible reason why a voucher cannot be redeemed, or if a voucher has already expired.

In this article, we will show you the possible reasons why a voucher cannot be redeemed.

In this article

The voucher has already been redeemed

If a voucher has alraedy been redeemed, e-guma will show the following message: The voucher has been redeemed.


The invoice has not yet been paid

If the voucher wishes to redeem a voucher that has not yet been paid for, you will receive the following message from e-guma: The voucher can not be redeemed, as it has not been paid.

If you would like to ensure that a voucher is only sent once the invoice has been paid for, you are welcome to contact us. We will then adjust the setting in your e-guma Back Office.


The voucher has expired

If a customer wishes to redeem a voucher that has previously expired, you can decide for yourself whether you still wish to allow the voucher to be redeemed, based on your company's own policy. In this case, e-guma will notify you as follows: The voucher is expired on [date]. You can still redeem ist.