Redeeming unpaid vouchers

In this article, we will show how you can redeem an unpaid voucher.

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Redeeming unpaid vouchers

Unpaid vouchers can be redeemed in the same way as paid vouchers. When redeeming in the e-guma Back Office, you will receive a notification that the voucher has not yet been paid for.


Show in the Voucher Management Tool

A redeemed, unpaid voucher will retain its Unpaid status. 

As soon as payment is made and you activate the voucher, the voucher status will switch directly to Redeemed.


Show in the Voucher Archive

A redeemed, unpaid voucher will appear in the voucher archive. The Voucher column shows the redeemed amount as a negative value.


Listing completely redeemed but unpaid vouchers

Open the Search bar in the Voucher Management Tools and enter 0 as the Initial Balance, then select the status as Not payed. We recommend that you generate this list reguarly to remind purchasers of the outstanding invoice.


Activating the feature

The functionality to Redeem unpaid vouchers does not come as standard. Please contact us to activate this feature in your Back Office.