An overview of online payment methods

In this article, you will gain an overview of all online payment methods that you can offer to your customers in your Online Shop, and the steps that are needed to activate each of them.

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Online shopping

Securely sell vouchers and tickets via your own online shops with confidence. In these support articles, you'll learn more about the topics of online shopping and e-commerce.

Support article
A short explanation of the online payment process
Additional security with 3-D Secure
PCI Certification


Datatrans as a Payment Service Provider

Online payments are integrated via our partner,

Datatrans, which acts as the payment service provider. An account with Datatrans must be activated for you to offer your preferred pyament methods in your shop.

Support article
Datatrans - Payment Service Provider


Visa and MasterCard

To offer online payment methods in your voucher or ticket shop, you require the services of a so-called Acquirer. Learn more.

We have provided details of the acquirers who act for the bulk of our customers below. You are free to decide which of these service providers you wish to use as your acquirer to enable you to make remote sales.


Support article
An overview of Worldline
Tips for filling out the Worldline Acceptance Contract


Support article
An overview of Nexi
Tips for filling out the Nexi Acceptance Contract


Support article
An overview of PAYONE
Tips for filling out the PAYONE Acceptance Contract


PostFinance (Switzerland only)

Support article
An overview of E-Payment from PostFinance
Applying for PostFinance as a payment method


American Express (AMEX)

Support article
An overview of AMEX (Swisscard AECS)



Support article
An overview of TWINT



Support article
An overview of Reka



Support article
An overview of PayPal
Configuring PayPal as a payment method


Sofort (Klarna) instant payments

Support article
Cancelling Sofort (Klarna) payments


Additional acquirers and online payment methods

Neither  VP PAY nor MAESTRO is currently supported by e-guma as an online payment method.

Would you like to enter into an acceptance contract with an additional acquirer, or would you like to be able to use additional online payment methods? 

Contact us so that we can clarify the necessary steps with you.