PCI Certification

The international card organisations, such as Visa and MasterCard, have introduced a single, globally applicable standard, known as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) with a view to protecting their customer data, and demand that the standard is achieved by way of certification.

Scope of certification

You will receive a written demand for certification on the part of your  Acquirer. The key factor in determining the scope of the certification is the payment solution used on your website. The payment form in your e-guma Voucher or Ticket Shop is entirely outsourced to Datatrans. This simplifies your self-assessment declaration with the SAQ A (Self Assessment Questionnaire) with approx. 20 questions.

Filling out the certification

When filling out your online certification, we recommend that you approach the PCI support team of your acquirer. The acquirer's team will provide you with extremely professional and friendly step-by-step guidance through each of the questions. This will enable you to obtain and implement certification both quickly and straightforwardly.

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