Additional security with 3-D Secure

In this article, we provide high-level guidance on the most important aspects of the  3-D Secure process - a short, informative guide

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What is 3-D Secure?

3-D Secure is an internationally recognised process that is used by credit card issuers to provide additional security for online credit card transactions. Online purchasers identify themselves in online shops by using a password, an SMS code, or a smartphone app.


Does e-guma support 3-D Secure?

Yes, the e-guma Voucher and Ticketing Shop uses 3-D Secure.

Have you ever been contacted by a desperate customer, unable to complete the process of ordering a voucher from your online shop? In most cases, this is due to the 3-D Secure process: to ensure that visitors to your shop can pay for their vouchers and tickets online, the customers must sign up for 3-D Secure on a one-time basis.


How does registration work?

During the payment process in the online shop, a window appears, notifying the user to register for 3-D Secure now to continue making payment. This registration only takes place once, is very easy, free of charge, and in most cases needs no more than the last credit card statement. As soon as the registration is active, there is nothing further needed to enable additional online purchases.


What if your customers experience problems when registering?

If problems occur during the registration process, we advise your customers to contact their credit card provider directly.


3-D Secure - short and sweet

  • Even more security when paying online
  • One-off registration with no additional software
  • Ease of use when paying
  • Free of charge