An overview of Worldline

This document contains the essential aspects of the acquirer Worldline.

In this article


Information relating to the fees per transaction can be obtained from Worldline.

Exact commission rates are set out in the acceptance contract offered to you by Worldline.

Applying for an Acceptance Contract

We will apply to Worldline on your behalf for an acceptance contract covering distance selling (e-commerce). Worldline will issue this contract to you directly.

In this support article, you will receive tips on filling out the contract: Tips on filling out the Worldline acceptance contract

Payment of your credits

Payment is made on a net settlement basis, i.e., commission is not charged separately, but is deducted when payment is made instead.

In the acceptance contract you can select the payment frequency (daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly), the delivery method for the payment notice and the level of detail that is specified.

Due to the enhanced fraud and abuse risk from distance sales, Worldline does not pre-finance the payments; instead, it pays out only after ten days.