An overview of Reka

Here you will learn everything you need to know about the payment method Reka.

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The Swiss Travel Fund Reka is an means of payment intended for travel, sport and leisure. Retail shops are not allowed to accept Reka as a means of payment, this is a requirement of the Swiss Confederation. For details on possible uses and points of acceptance, please contact Reka directly. Reka.


Consult Reka for information on fees for every transaction.

Please consult your Reka basic acceptance agreement for exact commission rates.

"Webshop Registration" form

At Reka, we will request a registration from for you to accept Reka funds in your e-guma online shop. This form will be sent to you by Reka directly. Please fill out the form and return it at your earliest convenience to

Template form

Bellow you find a template form from Reka (please do not print out this template form). In the form sent to you by Reka, please fill out the fields marked in yellow in the template below.

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Remuneration of your credit notes

Payment will be issued in accordance with the net settlement rule, i.e. commissions will not be charged separately, they will be deducted from the amount disbursed. Reka will send the net amount to your preferred account within 5 working days.

You will also receive credit notices for these amounts by email. In the registration form, you can select how often you want to receive these reports.