Redeem e-surprise vouchers

In this article you will find out how to manage and redeem an e-surprise voucher with e-guma.

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e-surprise voucher

e-surprise vouchers are organisation vouchers from the organisation "e-surprise" (Idea Creation GmbH - e-guma). The e-guma organisation solution is used for the comprehensive voucher business, so that vouchers can be redeemed flexibly at any number of locations. Idea Creation GmbH (e-guma) sells the experience vouchers via the new voucher platform These e-surprise vouchers can be redeemed at all participating businesses.

e-surprise vouchers are not listed in your voucher management.


Redeeming an e-surprise voucher

POS preparation

If possible, we recommend that you add a new "e-surprise voucher" payment option at your checkout. Using this payment method, you can then type in redemptions separately and for example at the end of the month you will know how many e-surprise vouchers you have accepted.

Redemption options

Customers should contact your company directly to redeem their e-surprise voucher or to make a reservation (your contact details are printed on the e-surprise voucher). Alternatively, customers can redeem e-surprise vouchers spontaneously on site with you (e.g. when visiting a restaurant). 

You can redeem an e-surprise voucher in the same way as you redeem your own vouchers, with one of the following sales options: Please note that at least four characters from the voucher code must be entered.e-surprise vouchers can also be partially redeemed.  

Redemptions via cash register interfaces and via e-guma ticket shop are not yet possible for e-surprise vouchers. An error message appears.


When redeeming an e-surprise voucher with one of the above-mentioned redemption variants, a note will appear stating that this voucher may not be booked as a regular voucher. In order to distinguish e-surprise vouchers from your regular vouchers, we recommend that you book the services consumed by the customer and paid for with the e-surprise voucher with the newly created payment method "e-surprise voucher".

You can optionally add a remark in the field Note for organisation voucher. This can be, for example, the invoice number from your PMS system, the customer name or the booking number. This note will appear on the next monthly settlement.     

Monthly settlement

We recommend opening a new receivable account "e-surprise voucher" in your accounting software. You book the redemption of the e-surprise vouchers to this account using the new payment method mentioned above as reference. 

At the beginning of the next month we will send you the monthly settlement by e-mail. This settlement shows how many e-surprise vouchers you have redeemed and which credit we will transfer to your bank account.


Redemption report - Platform journal

Redeemed e-surprise vouchers do not appear in your redemption report, but rather in the Platform journal. This journal can be viewed at any time:

In the menu of the e-guma voucher system, select Tools -> Platform journal

Cancel voucher redemption

Have you redeemed an e-surprise voucher accidentally? Please contact us to cancel a redemption.Cancelled redemptions can be found in your Platform journal with the comment "cancellation". No commission will be charged for cancelled vouchers. 


IBAN and email address for monthly invoicing

Under Settings -> Voucher system you can specify an IBAN for the transfer of the redeemed organisation vouchers. Likewise, you can specify one or more email addresses to which you will receive the monthly invoice from the organisation.