e-guma Organisation Members - Redeeming a voucher via the Voucher App (smartphone/tablet)

In this article you will find out how you can redeem organisation vouchers via the Voucher App (smartphone/tablet)

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Redeeming vouchers with the voucher app

Install the Voucher App on your smartphone or tablet.

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Open the Voucher App and log in using your e-guma login.
Scan the QR code on the voucher. Using the Enter voucher code manually option, the voucher code can be manually recorded if a voucher cannot be scanned. You can enter the voucher code with or without dashes.

Enter an amount and press on the Redeem button. Please note that, depending on the type of voucher, it may not be possible to enter the amount, and instead the full amount will have to be used.

We recommend that you type the voucher redemption at checkout using the newly created payment method. This way you always know what amount of vouchers you have received. The sum of the voucher redemptions you can for example, book to the newly created customer account in your accounting software after the end of the day.

The credit for the redeemed voucher will be transferred into your bank account by the organisation the following month.

Platform journal

Select the Platform journal item from the menu.

When you open the journal, the current day's redemptions are listed. You can select the time period from the drop-down menu or adjust it individually.

Please note the following points:

  • Only the entries of the logged-in user appear.
  • The commission entries are not displayed. 
  • The entries are retroactively visible until 7 April 2022. Since this date, the user is noted in the journal. The complete journal can be viewed in the back office.


If this redemption option is not feasible for you > Go to redemption options