Activating stock vouchers in the e-guma Back Office

Before a stock voucher can be sold, it must first be activated.In this article, you'll learn how to activate a stock voucher in the e-guma Back Office.

In the menu of the e-guma voucher system, go to Stock -> Activate.
Enter the code as the Voucher code. Once you have entered three characters, you will be shown a list of matching stock vouchers. Select the desired code. If you select a code by pressing Enter, it will be added to the list directly. Otherwise, click on Add to add the stock voucher to the voucher list. 

Please note that complimentary and regular vouchers cannot be activated together.

Instead, please repeat step 2 for the number of stock vouchers that you wish to activate.
You can also remove a voucher by clicking on the red waste paper basket for the applicable voucher.
You also have the option of entering the customer's details (your company address is used by default).
In the next step, you can enter a discount as a percentage or in francs.

Please ensure that you must enter a comment when giving a discount.

Optionally, you can add shipping costs and adjust them if necessary.
Select the  method of payment. 

Click on Activate

You can now download the receipt or invoice.