Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Learn how to implement your Google Ads conversion tracking code in e-guma for your Voucher or Ticket Shop.

No data will be sent to Google Ads during the project phase. The project phase ends upon go-live. The tracking script is only loaded if cookies are permitted in the cookie consent.

Set up Google Ads Conversion Tracking

In the navigaton menu of the e-guma Voucher or Ticketing System, select Settings -> Online shop -> Basic settings

In the field  Google Ads Conversion Tracking, enter your conversion ID and the conversion label. You may enter a seperate label for the ticket shop. 

Test Tracking

If you encounter problems with tracking, you can follow these steps to analyze the error.


Go to


Click on Add Domain and paste your shop URL into the input field (for example:

Check whether the correct Google Ads ID (AW-xxxx) appears in the debugger under Google Tags found.

Accept all cookies in cookie consent. Otherwise, the tracking will not be delivered. If you do not see the cookie consent, delete all cookies for

Then place a test order. The following event should appear on the last page. 
If all this works, your tracking should be set up correctly.