Categories in the ticket shop for events

Categories offer you the option of combining individual events in your online shop into groups.

From your ticketing system menu, click on Events -> Categories

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This is what the categories in the online shop look like

Home page

In this example, you'll see a Magic Brunch category as well as two indivdiual, uncategorised events. You can recognise a category because there is no specific event date in the top left-hand part of the screen. Category tiles are always displayed immediately before the tiles for the individual events.

Events that are allocated to a category are first shown on the relevant details page.

Details page

If you select the Magic Brunch category, the various events for Magic Brunch will be listed in this example. A variety of different events may be located in a category. You have the option of displaying all events grouped by day.


Setting up categories

From your ticketing system menu, click on Events -> Categories then click on the Add button.


Give the category a suitable name in all activated languages. The name will then appear in the online shop as a title on the detailed category page.


As an option, you can also add a description to the category (in all activated languages). The description will then appear in the online shop on the detailed category page.


As soon as you click on the grey button, then on the Save button, the category will be published to the ticket shop. The grey button turns blue. You also have the option of hiding the event in the online shop. Clicking on Direct URL allows you to open the event in the online shop and send it to your target group.

A category only appears on the landing page if active events are allocated to this category.

Group by date

If you would like to group the events in the ticket shop by day, you can turn on the Group by date function.

We recommend this view if you would like to activate multiple events and/or your events are taking place at different times on the same day.

If events take place for at least two months, a monthly navigation is also displayed automatically.

Home page graphic

Select a suitable graphic for the tile in the online shop (minimum format 335 × 280 pixels).

Detailed page graphic

You have the following three options for the cover image on the detailed page: the same graphic as on the home page, a different graphic (1800 × 480 pixel format) or no graphic at all.


Allocating a category to events

Select Events -> Edit from the e-guma ticketing system menu.
Open an existing event or  create a new event.
Click on the button  Show advanced settings.
In the Category field, you can select the desired category and then confirm your selection by clicking Save. The event will no longer appear on the home page, but on the  detail page for the selected category.

     Always check the online shop for changes in the ticketing system by clicking on the Shop button in the header banner, so that you can be sure that everything looks the way it is supposed to.

You can use the  Event List to see directly whether an event is allocated to a category.

Sorting categories

Select  Events -> Categories from the e-guma ticketing system menu.

Use the blue arrow to sort the categories manually, in any order you wish, as they will appear in the online shop.