Prepaid cards at a glance

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Prepaid cards with voucher credit are suitable for recurring use, e.g. as a means of payment in a staff restaurant. Prepaid cards are often issued in a handy credit card format. However, your customers can also save the prepaid card in digital form in the voucher2mobile app.

Create prepaid cards

Depending on the application, there are different methods for creating prepaid cards.

Create prepaid cards as stock vouchers

If you regularly issue individual prepaid cards that contain an optional starting credit, the procedure with stock vouchers is suitable for this. You create any number of vouchers in advance, which you order from your print shop for printing and which are then gradually activated and issued as required.
If you issue a prepaid card in the e-guma back office, you can enter the customer's contact details.

Create prepaid cards from a data source

You can create as many prepaid cards as you like from an existing data source (Excel template from us). In addition to the starting credit per card, the source can also contain the cardholder's contact details.