e-guma Organisation Members - Redeem organisation vouchers like your own vouchers

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If you work with the full version of e-guma and are a member of one or more organisations, you have the option of redeeming the vouchers of an organisation as if they were your own vouchers instead of booking them separately.
This procedure has several advantages:
  • Redemption of organisation vouchers via existing interfaces (e.g. cash register interface)
  • Redemption of organisation vouchers in your ticket system (back office and shop)
  • Booking of all redeemed vouchers with the same voucher payment type

How does it work?

With this procedure, when an organisation voucher is redeemed, an entry is made in your redemption report and a posting is made in your sales report. Based on the entries in the sales report, you can recognise the redeemed organisation vouchers and post them as a collective entry.

How to set it up?

Account per organisation

Create a debtor account for each organisation from which you accept vouchers.


Please contact us so that we can activate this setting for you.

Redemption report

The redemption of an organisation voucher is listed in your redemption report. The name of the organisation is shown in brackets.

Sales report

When an organisation voucher is redeemed, an entry is made in your sales report. When organisation vouchers are redeemed, your voucher account is reduced. You must use the sales report to balance the voucher account again.

Postings in accounting

Below is an example of the postings for a redeemed organisation voucher based on the entries in the redemption and sales report and the organisation statement.
Time Debit Credit Amount
Payment of a service with an organisation voucher Vouchers Revenue from goods or tickets
e.g. with the daily booking of vouchers sold
Debtor Vouchers Example Organisation Vouchers 25.00
Arrival of the monthly settlement of the organisation
Bank or Post Debtor Vouchers Example Organisation
Arrival of the monthly settlement of the organisation
Deduction of any commission
Commission expenses
Debtor Vouchers Example Organisation