e-guma Organisations - Monthly settlement

In this article, you'll learn how to create a monthly settlement run for your organisation members.

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View settlement statements

e-guma always generates an automatic settlement run at the end of each month. We will send you these by e-mail on the first day of the new month (please contact us if you would like to change this address). The e-mail contains a link that takes you directly to the settlement. 

Alternatively, you can use the menu of the e-guma Voucher System to select  Organisation -> Settlements.  Click on the Show button for the desired time period.

User authorisation
To be able to access the Organisation menu, you need administration rights. If you do not have this authorisation, please contact your internal e-guma administrator.

You will now see a list of all redemptions and sales for individual members.

When clicking the  View billing button, the voucher settlement will open as a PDF file. The document shows how many vouchers (quantity and value) have been redeemed or sold with which members. It also shows how much commission was deducted. Please check this document. 

Send settlement statements

In order to send the settlement statement to the members, click the Send e-mail with the settlement to members button and confirm the  Would you like to send the e-mails dialogue with OK.

An e-mail will now be delivered to members with the voucher settlement as an attachment. 

An e-mail will only be sent to members if a voucher has been redeemed or sold.

The settlement which is sent with the e-mail looks like this:
Understanding settlement
Please note that not every settlement looks the same. If a member only redeems vouchers, the member will receive a credit from you each time. If a member redeems vouchers as well as sells them, the member may have to credit you. The member will be informed on the settlement if they will receive a credit from the organisation or if they will have to transact an amount to the organisation.

Download list of payments

You have to make a payment to the members who are to be credited by your organisation. Select the Pay off button to obtain an overview of the payment orders to be executed. You can download the file with the payments as a PDF and Excel file.

The PDF and Excel formats show you a list of the payments to be made. The IBAN number is also shown in the document.

You can now use this data to enter and initiate the individual payment orders.

Please note that the payout to your members is not made automatically by e-guma. 

Payout file pain.001

The payout file can currently only be used by Swiss organisations.

To simplify the monthly payout of redeemed vouchers, e-guma provides the payouts as a pain.001 payout file. This is an XML-based standard format for the transmission of credit orders and contains all the information relevant to the payout. You can upload this payout file to the PostFinance online portal or to your banking software.


To be able to make payments with the pain.001 payout file, enter your IBAN from which the payments are to be made in the IBAN for payouts field under Settings -> Voucher system.

Download file

Under 3. Pay off, select the entry Payout file (pain.001).

The member's IBAN and address are required for the transfer. If these details are missing for one or more members, the following message will appear:

The pain.001 payment file only contains payments for companies with valid details. For companies with incorrect details, the transfer must be made manually.
Please contact us if you would like to use the pain.001 payout file during the pilot phase.

Upload file in your banking portal

Log in to the PostFinance online portal or your e-banking portal. At PostFinance, for example, you can upload the payout file under the electronic payment order (EPO) menu item. Select the file you have downloaded in e-guma in the Submit EPO area. Then confirm with Submit.

The payouts are now validated and then executed. If you have specific questions about this, please contact your financial institution directly.

Posting records

Payout for redeemed vouchers

For the vouchers that have been redeemed by members.
As all the data for the payouts is stored in e-guma, it is sufficient to create a collective entry with the total amount in the accounting system. We recommend that you enter the amounts paid out in your accounting system as follows:
Voucher Bank 95.- Monthly settlement
Voucher Commission earning 5.- Accounting of the commission 5%

Accounts receivable for vouchers sold

For the vouchers sold by the members.
Post a debtor for each member who has sold vouchers. Also post the commission as an expense.